About us


Hi welcome to MISS Josephine! 

We are four sisters and the oldest of 12 children, born to Jerry Lee and Josephine McClendon.


We were raised on the outskirts of Texas in the middle of wide open land, working our garden, baking and cooking, playing music and dabbling in all different forms of art. (see Jessica's work @todayinthestudio)

Although our idea for a business began 20+ years ago as four young sisters dreamed of combining their talents into a single entity, Josephine’s was finally founded in the winter of 2020 as the world closed the envelope on a year for the books- a worldwide pandemic and racial tensions that left many of us exhausted and uncertain. Life changed drastically for so many over the span of 12 months and we all found ourselves asking the same question so many beautiful businesses have grown from “what can we do with this new normal?” 

The lurch had reorganized things, some good and some bad but truly, mostly good. The longer moments of pause forced us to view time differently and the extra empty hours in the day left the door open for us to revisit so many of the things we had fallen in love with in our childhood but had found little time for in our adult worlds of work, children and families. 

What we found through those relentlessly tough days was that we still had the ability to create tiny happy moments that even if just for a few minutes, made us pause, made us smile, made us breathe deeply and feel invigorated. Whether it was a hot cup of delicious coffee in the morning to the backdrop of Ella Fitzgerald’s ‘Isn’t This A Lovely Day’ or a warm slice of homemade apple spice cake beside a fireplace in the evening, there were always small pieces of ‘things’ that stayed consistently OURS and took us to our happy spaces. 

With having a background extremely unique (check out Nicole's writings @awildelegantwoman for our story) we realized some of the happiest moments were ones that were created by our own quirky talents of baking, writing, drawing, sewing, singing… and the list goes on. 

Our business is dedicated to creating ‘moments of happy’ and passing them along. 


Serena's kitchen: @inlusiskitchen

Fantasia's world: @fannsworld

Nicole's journal: @awildelegantwoman

Jessica's studio: @todayinthestudio


Sister photos taken by Brittany Nicole Photo. Find her on Facebook!